Pearl of a Girl by Greggory Stockert

This CD is a glimpse into the soul of the musician himself.
Greggory feels this is so
personal and intimate that he might as well be 'selling nekid pitchers of himself.' This
collection of original songs takes us on a joy ride through the American landscape. You will hear Greggory's sense of humor and insight, but most of all, his caring and kindness. Band members includes Robin Remaily, Tim Acott, Lonnie Feiner, and Marilee Horde

Red Newt Records FPRNCD16 $6.00

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The New Old Time by Jim Nollman

This album is a jazzy, techno-inspired anomaly of deconstructed fiddle tunes performed on mandolin, by a composer and performer who has been called "the most famous nusician no one has ever heard of." Jim has created a unique musical careerplaying live music with whales,and dolphins on every ocean. This is a delightful piece of work and well worth adding to your musical library. Red Newt Records FPRNCD18 $5.00
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Norman Savitt and Friends

"Savitt's guitar playing couldn't be more illustrative of the various moods and atmospherics he effortlessly conjures from piece to piece, solo or duo, with his fleet-fingered fretwork heartbeat resonant and clear as a bell... Worth searching out." -Gvon From Sing Out! vol. 532 (For the entire article check out the Bios & Reviews page) Savit is also joined by Grammy award winners Howard Levy and EugeneFriesen, music legend David Amran and Susan Mitchell.

2009 © Norman Ira Savitt BMI Balkan Samba Records $12.

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Poet of Empty Spaces Alexa Wiley

Alexa has brought together a great band and found her sound in this follow-up album of her poetry/songs. Produced and engineered by Gregg Williams of the Trench.

Red Newt Records

FPRNCD22 $15



eating that way by Alexa Wiley. Alexa's unique, earthy approach to song writing is capitivating and she never fails to set the hook in the first line. Her voice is riveting and her guitar work is truly fine. This was her first Red Newt CD. She is rapidly becoming a Portland legend.

FPCDO9 $6.00



The New Old Time
Panacea by Billy Kennedy This album is a fine representation
of Billy's amazing talent.
His melodic tunes lull you ino a space of peace and
tranquility, but it wouldn't
be Billy without his rocking
a few, too.

Red Newt Records FPRNCD20 $6.00

The Beast I Hunt by Otto Kremer is a delightful humorous CD of song & spoken word.. Otto is the subject of Jeffrey Frederick's Poor Otto on Clamtones BC. $6.00