You are listening to Jeffrey's son, Jake Ray doing'Rosebud' on our tribute album, St. Jeffrey's Day

Two videos of Jeffrey Frederick back in the day...


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Frederick Productions LLC (FP)

Kathryn Frederick founded Frederick Productions in 2002, in honour of her late husband, Jeffrey Frederick of the Clamtones, Les Clams, Clams from the Desert, and The Jeffrey Frederick Band. Jeffrey asked Kathryn to 'take care of my music for me' before he died, hence a record company was born.

Frederick Productions is an indie label for the preservation of Americana music by Jeffrey and his friends.

Frederick Productions has recently been signing on new talent that didn't fit into our profile so we decided to add a label, Red Newt, for folk, folk-rock, freak folk, country, alt-country, ragtime, honkytonk, jazz, blues, and all around good time music. It's been so successful, we've put our most recent Clamtones record on it, as well.

With the addition of Red Newt we realized we needed a publishing company, hence Stolen Guitar. Now Frederick Productions is a full service record company.

To learn more about Jeffrey and have a really good time click here .